About us


Who are we?

Nice to meet you! We are Lisa, and Amber. Founders of Sama Sama Bali. Sisters in law and best friends by heart. Decided to combine the love for our roots, fashion and Bali, together into a small business we always dreamed of. We design and produce all products ourself. To ensure high quality standards and the best care for you. Enjoy shopping in our webshop, and don't be shy to share your opinion to support us to growth as we go!



The combination of love for tropical beaches, fashion, and the Balinese culture, is what made Sama Sama exist. An island in Indonesia where 'Karma', is the central of life, and solidarity is more important then anywhere in the world. An island where the beauty of products is inspired by natural materials. And the classy pattern known as 'Batik' is born. Sama Sama means, 'You are welcome', or equaly. As we strive to be able to share a bit of the Bali spirit with you, and make your beach day a little more special. 



To honor its origin, Sama Sama's products are named after Bali's beautiful beaches and surrounded Indonesian islands. Our products will always be designed, with a touch of the Balinese culture and the colors of summer in mind. Our goal is to support the local community as much as we can, and therefore local products will always have our preference. All fabrics come from downtown Denpasar. And we work together with tailors who run their family business from home in Bali.